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Social Justice Initatives


A Way Forward for the 8th Principle

The proposed 8th principle states: “We, the member congregations of the Canadian Unitarian Council, covenant to affirm and promote: 'Individual and communal action that accountably dismantles racism and other oppressions in ourselves and in our institutions.' Read more about what's happening hereDialogue evening to be held in September/October.


Greening Sacred Space Award

On March 26, 2011, the Unitarian Congregation of Guelph was awarded the Greening Sacred Spaces Award of Excellence for its work in conducting an energy audit, retrofitting with energy efficient compact fluorescent lighting, upgrading weather-stripping, and initiating a rooftop solar panel project.

Solar Panel Project

The UCG solar project was launched on September 16, 2011. As of Canada Day 2014, our congregation has generated more than 31,500 kWh of green power, earned more than $25,000, and offset 21.5 tons of carbon by feeding green energy onto the Ontario power grid. We could drive a Telsa Model S electric car 90,000 km on UCG power!  In 2021, we replaced several parts on our system, which is continuing to run strong and product green power!

You can check on the production of our panels at any time at Solar Energy.

For more information about our solar panels, check out our slideshow.

In May 1999 UCG became certified as a Welcoming Congregation, which means we have completed the Welcoming Congregation curriculum from the Unitarian Universalist Association. Our congregation voted to affirm that we welcome the membership and active participation of lesbians, gay men, and bisexual and transgender people.

In 2020, we renewed our Welcoming Congregation certification and continue to actively engage in events, outreach, education and efforts toward inclusion and celebration of our LGBTIQ+ community.

Whatever your sexual orientation, we invite you to check us out. We invite you to share your gifts in every part of our congregational life—services, social gatherings, programs, and celebrations.

For more information about the Welcoming Congregation program, see the Canadian Unitarian Council webpage on the Welcoming Congregations Program



The Unitarian Congregation is proud to work with Bridge to Guelph.  

Like you, we have been touched by the current refugee crisis, both in Syria and in many other countries.

While the urgency on the part of the government to support refugees has waned over the last year, for families who have fled their homes and are living with fear and uncertainty the urgency remains high. There are over 70 million people who have been forcibly displaced worldwide (UNHCR, 2019), and this number will continue to rise as wars and climate change take their toll.

It’s overwhelming and we can’t help everyone, but we have an opportunity – and the ability – to help at least one family to move to safety.

To learn more and become involved, click here.


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