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12 HOURS PER WEEK ($25 an hour plus 4% vacation pay) 

This position involves visioning, planning, and management of lifespan learning programs  (Spiritual Exploration) for all ages at the Unitarian Congregation of Guelph (UCG). Please note that the position has both remote and in-person components.

An understanding of Learning Dynamics, and a knowledge of Unitarian Universalist (UU) curriculum (available on the web) is desirable. Your skill set should include expertise in  coordinating, delegating and supervising staff and volunteers, and the talent/flair/brilliance to  work collaboratively. Experience in development and delivery of training/teaching programs,  conflict management, and relationship development is a real asset. 


a) Build within the frame of the programming a culture of welcoming and inclusion. 

b) Act as a resource for adult development and training, supporting engagement of  volunteers in the community who are looking to offer programs and supporting  planning and execution of these programs. 

c) Support direction, creation and execution of the nursery, children and youth programs  by hiring, engaging and working with the staff and soliciting and working with  volunteers. 

d) Foster and host meetings with interested parties to help to plan lifelong learning program elements. 

2. Duties 

a) Research and select appropriate curricula. Tailor programs to meet congregational  objectives and aspirations for lifespan learning. Support the matching of curriculum  themes with the congregational themes. 

b) Foster multi-generational services and interaction. 

c) Coordinate, co-facilitate or facilitate programming for adults and act as a resource to  support adults in finding relevant curriculum for spiritual development, 2-3 programs  per year. 

d) Ensure people facilitating programs demonstrate our UU principles and follow our safe steps protocols. 

e) Identify in advance any dates that childcare will not be available and ensure this  information is communicated. 

f) Coordinate and arrange childcare for social events, special meetings and other  gatherings. 

g) Communicate to the Sunday Services Committee, the Manager Communications and Administration and on our calendar, any dates that childcare is not available.

h) Act as a liaison/connection point for new people coming into the congregation with  respect to programs that we offer for all ages. Provide and connect information about  events, new attendees and congregants.

i) Supervise and work in collaboration with the Manager Administration and Communication to ensure timely and clear communication of congregational life and  learning opportunities. 

3. Communication and Publicity 

a) Provide information on our programs (children, youth and adult) and events to new  attendees and congregants. 

b) With the Manager Communications and Administration, update program offerings on  the website event calendar, the bulletin board, social media and weekly email. Support  communication on website, social media and weekly email when requested by the board or if the Manager Communications and Administration is away.  

c) Send out personal email invitations to programs, when applicable. 

4. Administration 

a) Meet monthly with the Manager Administration and Communication. 

b) Maintain monthly statistics on participation in Spiritual Exploration programs. 

c) Provide written monthly reports to the board. 

d) Maintain emails and other communication. 

e) Maintain programming budget and advise the board regarding annual Spiritual Exploration budget requirements. 

f) Write, compile, and prepare curriculum. Print handouts as required. g) Participate as appropriate in monthly electronic CUURE (Canadian Unitarian Universalist  Religious Education) meetings. 

h) Attend board meetings, at least 7 per year.  

i) Attend monthly meeting with Coordinating Committee. 

5. Safety Protocol Management 

a) Ensure all safety protocols are up-to-date and maintained including the maintenance of  police record checks, and all mandated and recertification training is completed and  recorded.

Please direct all applications to admin@guelph-unitarians.com

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