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Who loves farm fresh free-range eggs?

This is your opportunity to get nutritious healthy eggs from happy chickens, fed with Non GMO all natural feed, full of flaxseeds (high in Omega 3 & Fiber). This small local farm is operated with organic standards, and because it’s a small farm, they are not certified.

The chickens have lots of space to run free inside and outside, and are listening to classical music in their coop, which helps them to stay relaxed and happy.

The egg sales are supporting a young family of five who is farming this small local organic farm and  the proceeds of the egg sales are going to UCG.

Did I mention how delicious these eggs are? You really can taste how happy these chickens are!

 Here’s how it works:

Step One: 

Place your egg order with Anke Kruse by text at 416-564-1566 or by email at Price is $6.00/doz. $5.00 is our cost to the farm + $1.00 as a donation to UCG.

Specify how many eggs and how often you want them (only once, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) and what method of payment you will be using, cash or e-transfer.

Step Two: 

Christa Waddingham will either deliver the eggs to you or, if you prefer, you can pick them up at her home. Christa takes cash payments. Please send e-transfers to

Orders and all order- and payment related inquiries text to Anke at 416-564-1566 or send by email to

Please make pickup or delivery arrangements directly with Christa, Tel: 519-763-9967.

Resource Material Recommended by Bruce Weaver

Here is link to the CUC initiatives:

National Film Board of Canada: Indigenous Cinema,title&year=1917..2021

Richard Wagamese: One Drum Stories and Ceremonies for a Planet

Recommended Reading List from Bruce: (all available at the GPL)

Indigenous writes : a guide to First NationsMéti s

and Inuit issues in Canada

By Chelsea Vowel

Very approachable book with chapters covering the Indian Act and Residentials schools.

Speaking our truth : a journey of reconciliation

By Monique Graysmith

21 things you may not know about the Indian Act : helping Canadians make reconciliation with indigenous peoples a reality

By Bob Joseph

Clearly written guide to a very complex topic

The sleeping giant awakens : genocide, Indian residential schools, and the challenge of conciliation

by David Macdonald

David is a professor at U of G. He attended the TRC meetings while preparing this book.

Indian school days

by Basil Johnston

The author’s description of his time at Garnier Residential School for Indian Boys in Spanish ON.