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Community Cooperative- Get involved

Serving together in community is a great way of deepening connections and developing community.  Here are a few ways you can get involved: 

  • Attend services
  • Join a team or committee like: Sunday services, Programming and social events, EqUUity and accessibility team, music, POD hospitality, Sunday service leader, Stewardship team,  Board of Directors
  • Help with building maintenance
  • Join in for coffee and conversation after service
  • Attend events, programs or gatherings

More Information on our Teams and Committees


The board is responsible for the fiscal, policy,  vision and governance of our congregation.  Combining big picture thinking with focus on upholding the Super vision for the congregation, the board is a reflection of the congregation. 


Pod members bring a snack, set up coffee, welcome folks and ensure that clean up happens after service.  Supporting the hospitality of our congregation, on Sunday mornings

Programming/Social Committee:

This committee meets three times per year to help to guide and define programming and social events for all ages.  This committee focuses on programming and social gatherings as a means to developing space for personal spiritual exploration, deepening our connections and cultivating relationship.


Serving to ensure that our property is clean, safe and maintained


Working to bring focus and clarity to our financial wellness as a congregation and developing a yearly pledge drive.  Supporting the financial wellness of our congregation.

Sunday Services:

This committee meets every other month to focus on all aspects of Sunday morning services.  Booking speakers, service leaders, developing themes for the year.


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