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What to Expect on Sunday

Our formal services are from 10:30 – 11:30 am, and are followed by conversation and refreshments. Families with children visiting for the first time will be introduced to our Spiritual Develop Program Coordinator.

Children remain with their parents for the first part of the service. They are invited to come up to the front of the sanctuary to listen to a story before the adults sing them out to attend their programs. Those with very small children are welcome to listen to the service in the Sunshine Room where children are free to move about and chat.

The service generally includes a lighting of our chalice, songs, readings, sharing of celebrations and concerns, a short talk, meditation and music. At the end of the service, all are invited to remain afterward for conversation and refreshments. After refreshments there is often a discussion circle with the speaker for more in-depth discussion.

Although the themes of our services come from many different religious, social, and cultural sources, the goal is always to deepen our spiritual understanding of ourselves, those around us, and the world in which we live.

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