Thanksgiving Service

122 Harris St / Zoom

You are invited to co-create our gathering on Sunday, October 9 at 11:00 am.  Think of this as a Sunday Service Potluck where you bring your favourite elements of a service to share. This might be a children’s story, songs, special readings or stories about gratitude that are meaningful for you. We will gather in a […]


122 Harris St / Zoom

Leaves are falling. Frost shrivels foliage, so plants decay. Their wrinkled bodies promise enriched soil for Spring.  Let us join nature’s cycle, honouring loss and birth.  Truly, change is the only constant and grace depends on our ability to accept and celebrate, to resist clinging to what was, so we can rest and prepare.  Together, […]

Two-Spirit Presentation

122 Harris St / Zoom

Laura Couchie will share the history and context behind what "Two Spirit" means and how it used to describe gender and relationships across many Indigenous people and communities. Connections to Indigenous language, culture and ways of life will be shared to illustrate how colonialism has impacted gender and relationships in Indigenous communities. Bio:  Laura is Anishinaabe (Ojibwe) […]

Radical Inclusion Service: Polyamory

122 Harris St / Zoom

Polyamory: Love, Consent and Communication Polyamory (also known as Consensual Non-Monogamy, Ethical Non-Monogamy or Radical Relationships) is a relationship model practiced across Canada and around the world. Our talk will discuss the nature of polyamory and the legal, social, economic and emotional challenges/benefits of sharing love beyond a framework of monogamy. Speakers:  Zoe Duff - a director and spokesperson for the Canadian Polyamory […]

The Wisdom of the Herd

122 Harris St / Zoom

Many of us are plagued by the fast pace of our current society and this time of year can be particularly chaotic. We can put undue pressure onto ourselves and our children. Join us Sunday November 27 for something quite different. Slowing down enhances our capacity for connection and joy. It makes room for creativity and self-expression. […]

Songs of Hope and Joy

122 Harris St / Zoom

Join us on Sunday for a Chalice Cafe based around “Songs of Joy and Hope”. The invitation is to share with us music that brings you (And hopefully others!) joy and hope in this troubled world. The invitation to share is via: Send us a you tube link or song title at and we will try […]

Co Housing with Karim Rizkallah

122 Harris St / Zoom

“How do we live well?” has become a guiding question for Karim Rizkallah since a housemate asked it on a kitchen floor one evening many years ago. As a Jack of some trades, Jill of others, and Master of none, Karim dabbled in a variety of studies and travel for a decade or so until his path led […]

Winter Solstice Service

122 Harris St / Zoom

The wheel of the year takes us into the longest nights, shortest days. Join us in exploring the power of honouring our fatigue, and opening to compassion, the door to hope and renewal.

Christmas Eve at UCG

Please join us for a very informal sing-in/sing along on Christmas eve, from 7 to 8 pm. via zoom. Everyone is invited to tell a short story that is meaningful to them on this day, or bring forward their favorite song. You can also send us a Youtube link if you like. Email: And […]

No Service

Happy Holidays! UCG will be closed today. Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah!

Closed today

Happy New Year! Please note that there will not be a service today.