During Sunday Services children of all ages are invited to play in the Nursery. Our nursery staff provide fun games and activities as well as a healthy snack. Parents are always welcome to join the children in the nursery or keep the children with them during service.


Our Whole Lives Sexual Education Program (OWL) is a a life-span education curriculum for children, youth, young adults and adults of all sexual orientations.


This education series covers six subjects in accurate, age-appropriate ways: human development, relationships, personal skills, sexual behaviour, sexual health and society and culture. It approaches the topic in a holistic manner, exploring both the facts about anatomy and human development as well as individual values, interpersonal skills and spiritual, emotional and social aspects of sexuality in a non-judgemental way.


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Stay tuned for upcoming courses! 

Adult Programs

In addition to our Sunday services, adult programming includes a variety of weekday gatherings for support, sharing and learning.
Please consult the Upcoming Events for programs and events.


We ask that all new and returning youth have their parent/guardian fill out a registration form, once per year.  Thanks for sharing with us about your child!


Occasionally we have intergenerational services, in which our children and youth participate as part of the entire service.


Children are welcome to stay in the service if they prefer or in the Sunshine Room, where they can select an item to explore from our activities box.  Children must be supervised before, during and after service.  We ask that all folks walk for the safety of all congregants.


We begin at 11 am by gathering together in the sanctuary.  We often sing an opening song, light the chalice and have opening words.  We then invite the children to come up to the front for a story time.  After the story, we create an arch way and sing our children out to their Religious Exploration program.


After service, children and youth return to the Sunshine Room.  We ask that children be supervised by the adult who accompanied them to service.  As it is a shared space and quite full on a Sunday mornings, we ask that all people walk verses run and be mindful of those around them.


There is a park located across the street and a community garden in the back.  We are a few minutes walk to the Speed River.