Spiritual Care

Congregational Care continuum
Congregation at Large

Everyone together

Creating a supportive and welcoming culture

Valuing the innate gifts and talents that folks which to share

Care Team

Members who help one another:

  • Meals
  • Rides
  • Friendship
  • Phone Calls
Peer Spiritual Care Team: 
  • Appointed by the congregation
  • Have received training on Peer Spiritual Care 
  • Provide presence and a listening ear
  • Members of our congregation who serve in a volunteer capacity
  • Can offer a list of community resources
Hello and welcome from the Peer Spiritual Care (PSC) team

The function of the Peer Spiritual Care Team is to grow the capacity for our community to spiritually companion one another through the joys and sorrows of life.


This role is specific to holding space, presence, listening and asking reflective questions, that invites and engages congregants to look within and explore their thoughts, feelings and truth, as we journey through life.


As Peer Spiritual Care Team members, we have been endorsed by the community to sit with you in your joy and your sorrow. To spiritually companion you on your way. This is our service to you.


Meet our Peer Spiritual Care team

For Spiritual Care, please email: Admin@guelph-unitarians.com