Birds and music notes on telephone wires

Free Vocal Improvisation

Let’s be present and listen deeply.
Let’s be together but not lose our unique selves. 
Let’s look into each others’ eyes and sing to each other’s hearts.

Collective Free Vocal Improvisation takes you out of your everyday shoes and throws you into the present. Boom!
Experience the transcending mystery and wonder of life as it can be found in music and in relation to other people.

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Birds and music notes on telephone wires

With whom do we stand?

  As Unitarians, social justice, equality and social action are close to our hearts. What better way to explore what we stand for, and with whom we stand, than through song? Join Janette, Rick and Seanna for a morning of music, with a special focus on the songs of Carolyn McDade. Nursery Care will be provided on

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