Songs of Hope and Joy

122 Harris St / Zoom

Join us on Sunday for a Chalice Cafe based around “Songs of Joy and Hope”. The invitation is to share with us music that brings you (And hopefully others!) joy and hope in this troubled world. The invitation to share is via: Send us a you tube link or song title at and we will try …

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Co Housing with Karim Rizkallah

122 Harris St / Zoom

“How do we live well?” has become a guiding question for Karim Rizkallah since a housemate asked it on a kitchen floor one evening many years ago. As a Jack of some trades, Jill of others, and Master of none, Karim dabbled in a variety of studies and travel for a decade or so until his path led …

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Winter Solstice Service

122 Harris St / Zoom

The wheel of the year takes us into the longest nights, shortest days. Join us in exploring the power of honouring our fatigue, and opening to compassion, the door to hope and renewal.

Christmas Eve at UCG

Please join us for a very informal sing-in/sing along on Christmas eve, from 7 to 8 pm. via zoom. Everyone is invited to tell a short story that is meaningful to them on this day, or bring forward their favorite song. You can also send us a Youtube link if you like. Email: And …

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No Service

Happy Holidays! UCG will be closed today. Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah!

Closed today

Happy New Year! Please note that there will not be a service today.

Congregational Levee

Let’s start the new year with a party!  We can celebrate all that we have achieved in 2022 and look ahead to our dreams for 2023.  We will hear from the focus groups that are gathering steam and add our thoughts to the momentum.  It will be a hybrid coming together, because that’s our super …

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The Ideal of “Beloved Community”

122 Harris St / Zoom

Canadian and American Unitarian Universalists sometimes invoke the ideal of the “beloved community” but it’s not always obvious what we mean, and we risk it becoming a meaningless platitude. Exploring this ideal, where it comes from and what it means, challenges us to better attend to our community and the larger, wounded world. Join us on Sunday morning for a service in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. whose legacy is celebrated this week in the U.S.

Write For Rights

Every year around Human Rights Day (December 10th but we're doing it January 15), Amnesty International supporters around the world take part in our Write for Rights campaign — sending millions of letters, emails, tweets and petitions in support of people whose human rights are being denied. And every year, we change lives. Amnesty International …

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Second Aspiration: Radically Inclusive

122 Harris St / Zoom

Join us as we link up virtually with our fellow Unitarians at the Unitarian Congregation Of Niagara for their service led by speaker Brian Jones, with the topic: "Second Aspiration - Radically Inclusive". View via Zoom at home or at our sanctuary at 122 Harris Street Guelph. After the service at 12:15 we will have …

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